We can help you understand

When faced with divergent community and stakeholder views or the need to move a project, policy or planning initiative to the next stage, consultation with stakeholders and community groups needs to be expertly delivered.

Our consultation solutions anticipate objections, impacts and issues and incorporate methods to capture a broad range of community opinions, beyond the loudest voices. We also align with IAP2 Core Values to ensure the consultation is robust, has real scope for influence and will withstand external scrutiny. Where appropriate, we work with digital software partners to deliver digital-led consultation programmes and we utilise physical consultation methodologies that help you understand the needs of the people your project may impact upon.

Applying our analytical and editorial know-how, we collate all your project feedback and submissions to prepare a consultation report which will help you better understand your stakeholder environment and fulfil the requirements for development applications, or other formal submissions.

Our consultation plans and programs have been implemented at grassroots levels to engage community members in urban planning proposals, active transport projects, healthcare transformational change and the implementation of renewable energy schemes.  We work with stakeholders on every level through to the highest in government where changes to policy need to be actioned.